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Yesterday & the day before I had the chance to visit the Agile Testing Days in Berlin, thanks to my employer Agfa Healthcare who send me there and paid the fee, thanks! 🙂
I setup this blog because of a talk of Markus Gärtner (Blog: http://blog.shino.de/, Twitter: @mgaertne) who recommended to write a (private or public) journal about the things you´ve learned to get feedback about it from others and I think also to re-think before writing it down, which might improve learning as well. To be honest – I am thinking about that for a while now, but what me kept from it are mainly the following concerns: Is it interesting for others what I´m writing about? Is my english good enough for others to be readable? Maybe it´s wrong what I´m writing? etc.? But what I didn´t consider yet was „How do I benefit from that?“, but after Markus talk I at least know, that my own learning benefits from it, and I think that´s worth a try! 😉 So, here we go, and thanks a lot to Markus!
These days I´m mostly interested in testing, agile, integration & -ility testing in an agile environment and being a teamlead of a „classical integration test team“ and a „classical test manager“, finding my role/ position in an agile organisation and how to support developers (programmers AND everybody else developing our product) best. Furthermore I’m doing functional GUI test automation and scripting with Ruby.
I´m very courius about how this will evolve and how I (and you!) can benefit from this!

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Hi Christian, happy to read you enjoyed the conference and most of all your journey into an Agile world. Great to have people like you on board.


Welcome to the world of blogging.

Don’t bother so much about language, as your writing will evolve over time as you gain more experience with it. One of the things I don’t dare doing, is reading my first blog entries, as I know that they are rather unsorted. But over time, with gaining knowledge and practice, you learn how to master it. That also helps for the testers skill and profile as well.

Keep the ideas coming.

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