Ahas on „Regression Testing with an Agile Mindset“

I´ve read a pretty interesting article about Regression Testing with an Agile Mindset, found via the GoogleReader commendations of Ralph Miarka who is an agile coach at our company.

Here are my „Ahas“ on that article:

  • Realize the difference between functional tests and regression tests to avoid common pitfalls
  • At the end of each sprint product owner should not only accept new features, but the overall functionality of the software
  • Zero bug tolerance pay off on the long term, so it is better to reduce the scope (regarding new features) then accept (regression-) bugs
  • Regression tests need to be maintained/ adapted over time
  • Regression tests provide safety net, so team can focus on new functionalities during the sprint
  • Fast feedback is needed, therefor regression tests should be automated
  • Regression test suite != sum(Functional test suites)
    • product owner defines the functionality to be tested within the regression tests
    • updating a regression test is part of the user story (so it needs to be considered when estimating)

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