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Not only Ruby is a great programming/ scripting language to do your daily jobs or to automate your testing tasks, also Perl is.
Find a free (GNU Free Documentation Licence) Perl training as HTML or PDF on the homepage of Greg London

Also Python is a great language, and a lot of free books & tutorials are existing to learn it, e.g. Learn Python The Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw, which can be downloaded as PDF. But please be aware that this is a book for absolute programming beginners!

Via http://www.schockwellenreiter.de/

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Thx for the comment, but allow me some remarks to your statement:

#1 In my opinion it is _not_ useful to automate everything. Some things just can´t be automated (too expensive, too much effort), and others _must_ be tested by a human, not by a machine, e.g. the usability of a GUI.
#2 Not only when working “the agile way” automation is the most proper way. Also in traditional software projects automation (for testing, building, integrating) should be used as much as possible.


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