Expand/ Collapse included FitNesse pages in CruiseControl.NET´s web dashboard

In this post I will explaing how to make included FitNesse wiki pages visible in CruiseControl.NET´s web dashboard result page.


FitNesse & FitSharp: Some troubleshooting (1)

Debugging FitSharp FitNesse tests

I´ve worked a lot with FitNesse & FitSharp during the last months in several software projects. Until lately it has always been a big pain to solve any problems when no tests have been executed at all when you clicked the „Test“ button in FitNesse or when tests have been executed via commandline, e.g. within the automated build. Most of the times it was more or less guessing in the wild, changing something here, adapting something there, until the tests ran again.

Testing TestTools

Setting up FitNesse for Team Foundation Server

Lately my colleague Maxence Bonhomme and I set up FitNesse to be used within several .NET projects which are all build on one Microsoft Team Foundation Server. Since it was quite some work to do we documented all the steps, and as it was an official work project, we published the documentation on the Agile Partner blog: Setting up FitNesse for Team Foundation Server.


Usage of variables in FitNesse

Note to my self, usage of variables in FitNesse:


!****> Global Variables…
!define VAR1 {aaa}
!define VAR2 {bbb}

!****< Hidden Global Variables... !define VAR1 {aaa} !define VAR2 {bbb} *****!


| Something | ${VAR1} |