Book Study Group: “Agile Testing”, Chapter 21

For some strange reason I can´t follow (without having talked to anyone yet) the book study group decided to study chapter 21 for this week´s session. Chapter 21 has the headline „Key success factors“ and is more or less a summary of all the chapters before. Seven key success factors are given, here my notes/ remarks to this.
Things in “ are quoted directly from the book, normal text is my abstract, and things marked by an arrow ‚->‘ are my comments on something.

So here we go, my notes for Chapter 21, „Key success factors“, of „Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams“ by Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory:

  1. Use the whole-team approach
    • „Lines between roles are blurred, but that´s a good thing. Everyone is focussed on quality“
    • testable code will be designed, when the whole team is responsible for testing -> 😉
  2. Adopt an agile-testing mind-set
    • tester should lose „Quality Police“ mindset
    • „There´s no room for big egos on agile teams.“
    • use agile principles/ values to decide what to do when in doubt
    • polish your craft (-> self education ;-))
    • try new things; if you fail, you fail fast -> and can improve fast
    • make problems visible
  3. Automate regression testing
    • different types of automated tests, compare agile testing quadrants and test automation pyramid
    • start simple -> !
    • „Test Automation is a team effort.“
    • support in the way of time, training & motivation is needed
  4. Provide and obtain feedback
    • Feedback is not only about giving, but also about receiving/ obtaining Feedback
  5. Build foundation of core practices
    • „You can´t test quality into the product.“
    • „Coding and Testing Are Part of One Process“
    • „Synergy between Practices“ -> The result is more then just the sum of all the single pieces.
  6. Collaborate with customers
    • -> How to do this easily in huge companies, with multiple scrum teams and hundrets of customers?
  7. Look at the big picture
    • -> Nothing to add 😉

That wasn´t too easy imho, since it was already a summary and I agree with most of the statements/ points given… so imho this blog post isn´t very meaningful at all… at least I can see it as an exercise for myself.

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