[Notes] Visualizing test strategies

Yesterday there was another meetup with Alex SchladebeckHuib Schoots and Bart Knaack, where I again participated in the lean coffee facilitated by Alex.
Jesper Ottosen raised the topic of „visualizing test strategies“. Since I found that topic pretty interesting, here are my (quick) notes I took during the session, for later reference.

Mirjana Andovska is creating one page test strategies/ plans, that generally „should fit into one page“, containing answers to questions like „What type of questions are answered by which (types of) tests?“, „Which problems are being solved by doing this?“ and „When are those tests run?“
She also proposes that for reporting one nowadays can easily pull data from different sources (eg. Atlassian)

Jantien van der Meer is neither creating lengthy documents (never be read) nor mind maps (not everybody like them). She says that very often architecture diagrams of the system already exists, but usually not detailed enough as you would like them for testing. She draws similar diagrams, especially containing the things relevant for testing (eg. interfaces), then highlights those parts and shares the drawings.
Jantien mentions Sonarcube and pipelines as additional sources to pull data from for reporting.

Alex Schladebeck recommends to ask „Who’s it for? Who reads it? What info do they need?“ and proposes that different versions might be needed.

Update: Jesper adds the following two models via Twitter: Visualizing Pipelines to Help Build a Quality Culture by Lisa Crispin and Ashley Hunsberger and A new model for test strategies… (An update to the Heuristic Test Strategy Model) by Dan Ashby.

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