Tweets of the month – march 2012

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, said "I have a dream", not "I have a plan". Shared dreams motivate; plans don't.
Ben Simo
"if you think experts are expensive, you should see how much amatures cost" - @ #qconlondon
Kristoffer Roupé
Goranka Bjedov: "Testers are the ppl telling that you have an ugly child. And then wonderin why ppl don't like them". #BelgiumTD
Eveliina Vuolli
Check out The Secrets of Faking a Test Project, a 2007 satirical presentation by me and @: http://t.co/zIZ0vTZm
Jonathan Kohl
If someone is capable of reassuring you that everything's just fine, talk to the other guy.
Liz Keogh
The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence - Charles Bukowski
Just do it, then learn to do it right, then do it fast! #experiment #fastfeedback
Jurgen De Smet
When was the last time you postponed a conflict and it went away? Exactly!
Yves Hanoulle

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