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Agile Testing Games

A while ago I started looking for agile testing games, unfortunately I didn´t find much, but since a couple of people asked me for that, I´m gonna now publish what I have.
Hopefully, this (small) list grows a bit over time, so please let me know, if you know about other (Agile) Testing Games!

My initial aim/ intention was, to find games, to make programmers more aware of the need for testing, to make them more open minded, and to teach them about testing.

What I did with my team was:

The Dice Game
Dice game: Key life skills for testers
Playing the dice game with developers

Testing Dojos
not really a game, but also fitting for my needs
Testing Dojos

Test small, test often
Didn´t try that one, since I think this is really for agile beginners
Game – Test small, test often

I hope this (short) lists helps you a bit.
As said: Please let me know if you´ve find other games.

Update February 22nd: I´ve did some more searching and found a few more games. I´ve created a seperate page for listing (Agile) Testing Games, please find it here: Agile Testing Games

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