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Yesterday & the day before I had the chance to visit the Agile Testing Days in Berlin, thanks to my employer Agfa Healthcare who send me there and paid the fee, thanks! 🙂
I setup this blog because of a talk of Markus Gärtner (Blog: http://blog.shino.de/, Twitter: @mgaertne) who recommended to write a (private or public) journal about the things you´ve learned to get feedback about it from others and I think also to re-think before writing it down, which might improve learning as well. To be honest – I am thinking about that for a while now, but what me kept from it are mainly the following concerns: Is it interesting for others what I´m writing about? Is my english good enough for others to be readable? Maybe it´s wrong what I´m writing? etc.? But what I didn´t consider yet was „How do I benefit from that?“, but after Markus talk I at least know, that my own learning benefits from it, and I think that´s worth a try! 😉 So, here we go, and thanks a lot to Markus!
These days I´m mostly interested in testing, agile, integration & -ility testing in an agile environment and being a teamlead of a „classical integration test team“ and a „classical test manager“, finding my role/ position in an agile organisation and how to support developers (programmers AND everybody else developing our product) best. Furthermore I’m doing functional GUI test automation and scripting with Ruby.
I´m very courius about how this will evolve and how I (and you!) can benefit from this!