Agile Test Tools

On May 23rd, there was an event organised by the Luxembourg Testing Board, the topic was „Testing Tools“. One of the speakers was Stephane Louis who spoke about „Test Tools“ in general: He presented examples of different kind of test tools, and explained for what kind of tests to use that tool.

The other speaker was me, my topics was „Agile Test Tools“, here´s the abstract of the talk:

Still some kind of buzzword these days, „agile“ (and other related terms like „Scrum“ & „Lean“) are becoming more and more common used methodologies, you could say, that „agile has arrived in the mainstream“. But what is so different about agile software development? This presentation will try to give an answer at least for the subcategory of „Agile Testing Tools“.

The presentation will make visible the difference between testing in classical software development processes and in the agile (scrum) process. Main focus will be on how „the agile tester“ is beeing supported in his work by „Agile Test Tools“. According to different „mantras“ of agile software development like test-driven-development, acceptance-test-driven-development, behaviour-driven-development and others, several tools that support working according to these mantra will be presented and it will be explained how this tools work.

Concluding, the final essence of „Agile Test Tools“ will be presented and it will be discussed, how the agile tester is supported by this.
After that, it will be some room for questions & discussions with the audience.

The slides are available on Slideshare: