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QuickLinks for January 2011

Here a quick list of articles I´ve read during the last month:


Confusing the user

Encountered when trying to do an online-checkin on the airberlin website:

Message in red says: „Online check-in is not possible at the moment, please try again later.“
Standard-message says: Check-in was successful, boarding card can now be printed.

Learning YouTube

Scrum in under 10 minutes

Source: http://shipsoftwareontime.com

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Stuff from my wall…

Today is my last working day at my current employer, and I´m removing my personal stuff from my office atm.
Some of the pictures/ things I´ve printed out and put on the wall, I feel are worth beeing kept, so here´s some stuff I look at quite often…

What are your printouts, you´ve put on the wall, to see it daily and being reminded or show others your attitude?

Testing YouTube

The INVEST Model for User Stories

INVEST is an abbreviation, describing the attributes, a user story should have: Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small, Testable.

Via: Ralph’s Google Reader Recommendations

Programming Testing

Generate Unit Tests automatically (?)

For quite a while I´m thinking about a solution for following situation:
I have a lot of (old) scripts/ classes, which I created without unit tets (yes, shame on me, but by the time I´ve written them, I didn´t knew better, or didn´t had the time to do so, … the usual excuses).
Now I would like to add unit tests afterwards, to benefit from all the advantages they give to a programmer (find regression, give a safety net, etc.).

But I´m just too lazy to go all of my code and add unit test after unit test after unit test. Instead I would like to auto-generate them. At least the skeleton, like test classes & methods; so e.g. create a test method for every method used, create a test for every object that should be (not) accesible from the outside, etc.
I know that I will have to create the test logic by myself, so checking if a method returns the expected result (or not).

Before start coding a solution, I would like to know if there´s something existing like that already? If yes, I would appreciate any hints/ links/ articles etc., especially for Ruby, but Java and/ or C# would also be great.
Thx in advance!