SoapUI TearDown Script not working

I had a case where a TearDown Script in SoapUI (version 5.5.0, community edition) was not working at all, neither on test case or test suite, nor on project level, whereas the Setup Script was working on all three levels.

Since I didn´t find a solution browsing the web, I´m sharing how to overcome this here:

On top of the script window, there´s a green arrow to manually start the execution of a script. Simply press that button – it might fail and result in a popup with an error message, but in my case that solved the issue, the TearDown Script now also got executed after running a test case, test suite or all suites in a project

Run the TearDown Script

Not sure it helps in your case as well, but you might want to try it out.


Un-just yourself

On Agile Testing Days 2019, Damian Synadinos gave a keynote with the topic „More Than That“. His basic message was, everybody could put more than one „label“ on herself. We’re more then testers or developers, we’re also human beings, parents, children, husbands, wifes, players, musicians… and so on.

Another important advice Damian gave is „un-just yourself“. And he means that we should not make ourselves small. We’re not „just“ testers; we are testers. That resonated strongly with myself, already during that talk.

Why? I think I’m using „just“ way too often. For example at work, when I’ve filed a bug, and a developer or project manager approaches me and asks: „How the heck did you spot that? That’s such a difficult thing to find!“, I used to reply „I’ve just done my job.“.  And thanks to Damian I now have a totally new perspective on that: I found that bug by doing my job, by being a tester. I’m in that field for nearly 15 years, I learned it, from the ground, attented trainings, workshops, meetups & conferences, I’m reading books & blogs, I’m practicing testing to constantly get better at it.

I’m a professional software tester, that’s why I’m able to spot that difficult-to-find-bug, that a lot of other people would not have found. I’m a tester, not „just“ a tester.

After that talk, during visiting other talks at the conference, I noticed how often other speakers were using „just“ in their talks, and by that diminuishing something they did, they achieved. By that, people are also making their own achievements make appear smaller than they actually are. Also, most probably, this is not good for one’s own self-confidence.

I even think that’s my most important takeaway from this year’s Agile Testing Days: Un-just yourself!

See also what labels Stephan Kämper is putting on himself: Calling Me Names — New Labels


Confluence Excel Macro: Last Row and Column is Not Working

If you encounter the issue, that the „last row“ and „last column“ setting is not working in Confluence´s Excel macro, this is a pitty. As to find in the comments of the official bug report (including steps about how to reproduce) at Atlassian (https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONF-31741), they won´t fix this issue, because the Excel macro is deprecated.

Since I´m using the macro quite heavily, I´ve played a bit around and found the following workaround that might be also working for you:

  1. Add your Excel attachment
  2. Add the Excel macro
  3. Set last row/ column
  4. Save the page
  5. Edit the page
  6. Add a new version of your Excel attachment
  7. Save the page

Now the settings in „last row/ column“ are applied correctly.


If testing is quality assurance…

if_testing_is_quality_insuranceIf testing is „quality assurance“, why not naming the weather forecast „weather assurance“, naming school „learning assurance“, calling a doctor „health assurance and playing the lottery „investment assurance“?


Via Ash Winter on G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115379350397321018516/posts/LruMrEAYv4c


Learning Testing

Flying Under The Radar – how conventional testing was secretly transformed into sapient testing (agileTD 2013)

Following my wrap-up of the talk of Sami Söderblom given at the Agile Testing Days 2013.


Agile Testing is nonsense, because Agile is Testing (agileTD 2013)

The first keynote given on this year´s Agile Testing Days was „Agile Testing is nonsense, because Agile is Testing“ by Andrea Tomasini the founder of  agile42, here is my sumup:

Learning Testing

Changing Your Testing Mindset (agileTD 2013)

At the Agile Testing Days 2013 I attended Janet Gregory´s tutorial on „Changing Your Testing Mindset“. Also I already knew quite some of the things she talked about, it was a good tutorial and I had some great conversations with Janet as well as with the other participants. I can highly recommend to visit this tutorial if your want to learn some essential things about testing in an agile context.

Here are some of the most important things I took away from the tutorial:


Testers in Germany & GATE 02

Already a while ago, Maik Nogens created a Google Map for testers in Germany, please feel free to add yourself:

Furthermore, the GATE 02 Workshop (German Agile Testing and Exploratory Workshop) has been announced a while ago: It will be held in Munich, on September 8th. Unfortunately, this year I will not be able to make it there, but the list of participants looks already quite international, and last year the workshop was really great.


What test managers do…

test manager think i do meme

Via @jokegijsbrechts


Tweets of the month – march 2012

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, said "I have a dream", not "I have a plan". Shared dreams motivate; plans don't.
Ben Simo

"if you think experts are expensive, you should see how much amatures cost" - @ #qconlondon
Kristoffer Roupé

Goranka Bjedov: "Testers are the ppl telling that you have an ugly child. And then wonderin why ppl don't like them". #BelgiumTD
Eveliina Vuolli

Check out The Secrets of Faking a Test Project, a 2007 satirical presentation by me and @: http://t.co/zIZ0vTZm
Jonathan Kohl

If someone is capable of reassuring you that everything's just fine, talk to the other guy.
Liz Keogh

The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence - Charles Bukowski

Just do it, then learn to do it right, then do it fast! #experiment #fastfeedback
Jurgen De Smet

When was the last time you postponed a conflict and it went away? Exactly!
Yves Hanoulle