Agile Testing is nonsense, because Agile is Testing (agileTD 2013)

The first keynote given on this year´s Agile Testing Days was „Agile Testing is nonsense, because Agile is Testing“ by Andrea Tomasini the founder of  agile42, here is my sumup:

Learning Testing

Changing Your Testing Mindset (agileTD 2013)

At the Agile Testing Days 2013 I attended Janet Gregory´s tutorial on „Changing Your Testing Mindset“. Also I already knew quite some of the things she talked about, it was a good tutorial and I had some great conversations with Janet as well as with the other participants. I can highly recommend to visit this tutorial if your want to learn some essential things about testing in an agile context.

Here are some of the most important things I took away from the tutorial:


Testers in Germany & GATE 02

Already a while ago, Maik Nogens created a Google Map for testers in Germany, please feel free to add yourself:

Furthermore, the GATE 02 Workshop (German Agile Testing and Exploratory Workshop) has been announced a while ago: It will be held in Munich, on September 8th. Unfortunately, this year I will not be able to make it there, but the list of participants looks already quite international, and last year the workshop was really great.


What test managers do…

test manager think i do meme

Via @jokegijsbrechts


Tweets of the month – march 2012

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, said "I have a dream", not "I have a plan". Shared dreams motivate; plans don't.
Ben Simo
"if you think experts are expensive, you should see how much amatures cost" - @ #qconlondon
Kristoffer Roupé
Goranka Bjedov: "Testers are the ppl telling that you have an ugly child. And then wonderin why ppl don't like them". #BelgiumTD
Eveliina Vuolli
Check out The Secrets of Faking a Test Project, a 2007 satirical presentation by me and @: http://t.co/zIZ0vTZm
Jonathan Kohl
If someone is capable of reassuring you that everything's just fine, talk to the other guy.
Liz Keogh
The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence - Charles Bukowski
Just do it, then learn to do it right, then do it fast! #experiment #fastfeedback
Jurgen De Smet
When was the last time you postponed a conflict and it went away? Exactly!
Yves Hanoulle

Tweets of the month – february 2012

Have some fucking fun while you're testing: hilarious test data names are a place to start
Fucking Testing Tips
You are not true Microsoft shop if you are not practice Powerpoint Driven Development.
DevOps Borat
A Rubyist’s interpretation of Python: http://t.co/fjdCybJj
Bill Williams
The two biggest problems in IT according to @ Us and Them
Yves Hanoulle
There was a problem with the blakbirdpie shortcode
Learning Testing

Agile Testing Games

A while ago I started looking for agile testing games, unfortunately I didn´t find much, but since a couple of people asked me for that, I´m gonna now publish what I have.
Hopefully, this (small) list grows a bit over time, so please let me know, if you know about other (Agile) Testing Games!


How to fix the build – not!

Via @dvdstelt

Allgemein Learning

The Starfish Retrospective

In most retrospectives, we´re using the plain „What went good? What went wrong?“ – technique via a roundtable, noting down the outcome of this, then start discussing possible solutions for the „wrong“ things, coming up with action items to solve them, decide to take the actions, and ask participants for their ROTI (Return of Time Invested).


Return to Sender – Software Test Version

Return to Sender – Software Test Version

I had to submit a new defect,
looked like a major bug.
But as development received it,
they reassigned right back.

They wrote upon it:
Return to sender, runs with our mock,
must be environment, ain’t no bug.
They send their package, once it compiled,
and all no matter how many bug reports I filed.

Then i attached a bunch of log files,
and screen shots, two or three.
But just a minute at the coders‘
and it came back to me.

They wrote upon it:
Return to sender, can’t reproduce,
No such requirement, your test is screwed.

Next package we get for deployment,
I’m going to inspect,
And with a bit of schadenfreude,
I’m going to send it back.

I’ll write upon it:
Return to sender, does not install
when strictly clinging, to your manual.
Return to sender
Return to sender
Return to sender

Via Christian Loch on Google+