Tweets of the month – february 2012

Have some fucking fun while you're testing: hilarious test data names are a place to start
Fucking Testing Tips
You are not true Microsoft shop if you are not practice Powerpoint Driven Development.
DevOps Borat
A Rubyist’s interpretation of Python: http://t.co/fjdCybJj
Bill Williams
The two biggest problems in IT according to @ Us and Them
Yves Hanoulle
There was a problem with the blakbirdpie shortcode
Learning Testing

Agile Testing Games

A while ago I started looking for agile testing games, unfortunately I didn´t find much, but since a couple of people asked me for that, I´m gonna now publish what I have.
Hopefully, this (small) list grows a bit over time, so please let me know, if you know about other (Agile) Testing Games!


How to fix the build – not!

Via @dvdstelt

Allgemein Learning

The Starfish Retrospective

In most retrospectives, we´re using the plain „What went good? What went wrong?“ – technique via a roundtable, noting down the outcome of this, then start discussing possible solutions for the „wrong“ things, coming up with action items to solve them, decide to take the actions, and ask participants for their ROTI (Return of Time Invested).