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German Agile Testing and Exploratory (GATE) Workshop 2011

Short notice: I will participate at the German Agile Testing and Exploratory (GATE) Workshop 2011 on October 1st & 2nd in Hamburg, Germany. My topics will be „Shared responsibility for quality vs. separate QA teams“.
Other guys participating so far: Markus Gärtner, Maik Nogens, Meike Mertsch, Eusebiu Blindu & Sven Finsterwalder.
More info available on the GATE homepage: www.gate-workshop.de.

I´m looking forward to have a productive weekend full of learning and insights with these guys!


The Testing Planet´s Showstoppers #2

A quite new series of postings on the Software Testing Club´s Blog is asking for the communities answers on frequently asked questions among the testing world:

Our community holds the wisdom to frequently asked questions we constantly being asked again and again.

Help out some testers in need!

Answer one as many as you dare, you choose!

Selected responses will be published in the next issue of The Testing Planet.

Find my answers below:


Responsibility for your learning (?)

Since I’ve heared Maruks Gärtner’s talk about self education at #agileTD I’m thinking about two things mostly: